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Q:How do I get a WAM!NET account?(click for answer)
A:You can sign up here, once you've completed that, send an email to wamnet-help-usa@umusic.com so we can complete your registration.
Q:I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?(click for answer)
A:E-Mail wamnet-help-usa@umusic.com to request a password reset.
Q:I keep entering my password but it won't work and now it won't even let me enter it?(click for answer)
A:After 3 consecutive attempts the system locks you out for 5 minutes. Passwords are case sensitive. Try again and if that fails contact wamnet-help-usa@umusic.com.
Q:How do I change my password?(click for answer)
  1. log into info center http//:ic.wamnet.com
  2. click on users
  3. enter in new password in field
  4. scroll to bottom and click update
Q:Can outside users (non-UMG staff) be given access to W!N?(click for answer)
A:Yes. But, they must have their own account created for them. Sharing of accounts is not allowed.
Q:Can I use/access Content Studio, Internet Gateway and TDx outside of our network (from home)?(click for answer)
A:Content Studio and Internet Gateway can be accessed from any location. TDx can only be used within UMG's network.

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Q:What does WAM!NET mean?(click for answer)
A:Wide Area Managed Network.
Q:Why are WAM!NET services recommended over other similar services?(click for answer)
A:UMG as a whole has a contract with WAM!NET. We do not have this type of relationship with outside services. Therefore, they can not be held responsible for security breaches and/or leaks. WAM!NET is also a preferred vendor. Which means, we have leveraged better pricing for these services.
Q:What browsers are supported by WAM!NET?(click for answer)
A:Visit WAM!NET Service Portal - Browser Information for a breakdown of what browsers are supported.
Q:Who can I contact for help with WAM!NET tools?(click for answer)
A:Email wamnet-help-usa@umusic.com or call Brett Munoz at 818-286-8118
Q:How do I know which W!N service is best for me?(click for answer)
A:If you are not sure which service suits your workflow, please fill out this questionaire and we'll help you determine what services you need.
Q:Where can I download instructions on how to use WAM!NET tools?(click for answer)
A:Documentation can be found here.
Q:Do I need software to use WAM!NET services?(click for answer)
A:The only software required is a web browser. If you are sending/recieving large files internally we do have an application we provide for communicating directly with our internal W!N server. That application is called Transmission Director X (note: This product is only intended for production departments).
Q:When I download a file from Content Studio or Internet Gateway the name and extension of the file is being altered. Why?(click for answer)
A:You are using unsupported browser, please refer to WAM!NET Service Portal - Browser Information for an up-to-date list of supported browsers.

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Q:What is Internet Gateway?(click for answer)
A:Internet Gateway allows you to upload a file and send it to a designated destination and it also allows you to download a file. The gateway can store files for up to thirty days. The gateway can ship to a content library or another gateway.
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Q:What is Content Studio?(click for answer)
A:Content Studio is our online storage system. It also allows you to send eFolios directly from the browser and send packages to other libraries or Internet Gateways.

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Q:What is Transmission Director?(click for answer)
A:Transmission Director is a program that must be installed on your computer. It will allow you to send files from your desktop to a content studio library. Conversely, it will also allow you to download files that have been sent to your Content Studio Library.

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Q:Who do I call after 6:00pm PST for assistance?(click for answer)
A:After 6:00pm PST, call 1.888.638.6771 (option #1 option #3) to speak directly with WAM!NET (Savvis) or e-mail wamnet.support@savvis.net.
Q:I have received the following message. “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.” What should I do?(click for answer)
A:Try again later. This message usually is posted while a WAM!NET service is being rebooted for a standard maintenance. Normally the system should be back up within 10-20 minutes.

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